Gov. Brown Signs Next Sanctuary Bill, $115M Cut From Middle Class Education For Illegals Instead

The mind of a Democrat is painfully difficult to understand. They want to give absolutely everything they can to people that they view as less fortunate, without looking at the pros and cons of the situation. This includes illegal immigrants, despite the fact that the illegals shouldn’t even be in the country to begin with.

Nobody is better at helping out illegal immigrants at any cost necessary than California Governor Jerry Brown. This is a man that has spent $25 billion on illegal immigrant programs rather than helping fortify the infrastructure that is now failing in the state.

Even though fixing the failing infrastructure would only cost a fraction of what he spends on illegal immigrants, Governor Brown failed to do so, forcing nearly 200,000 people to evacuate their homes because of the Oroville dam disaster. What does Brown have to say for himself? Nothing, but his actions indicate that he is not done helping out illegal immigrants as much as possible.

In the process of helping them out, he is basically hurting the other legal citizens of the state. His newest act includes cutting funding offered to middle class students enrolled in college, while increasing the funding made available for illegal immigrant students.

That is the way that Brown works. Despite the fact that the state of California is mired in a budget deficit crisis – it’s supposed to hit $2 billion by this summer – Brown decided to increase education spending on illegals while cutting education spending on middle class American citizens.

The 2017-2018 Governor’s Budget has a detailed look at what Governor Brown intends to do. Ultimately he wants to phase out the Middle Class Scholarship program. That program is meant to assist students that come from households that have a combined income of $156,000 or less with 40 percent of their total tuition costs.

The budget reads, “Given the state’s overall financial condition, to continue the Administration’s support for long-term stable growth in funding…and to maintain the broad Cal Grant entitlement for the state’s neediest students, the Budget proposes a phase-out of the Middle Class Scholarship Program.”

In other words, they are going to not help those families that are eligible for this program because of the budget crisis, but Brown is more than willing to increase the money spent on scholarships for illegal immigrants.

While the ending of the Middle Class Scholarship Program will save the state roughly $115 million a year by 2021, it won’t matter if Brown continues to increase the amount of scholarships being given to only illegal immigrants under the DREAM Act. So despite the fact that California is facing economic catastrophe, Brown still wants to help out illegal immigrants as much as possible, while American citizens suffer.

According to the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO), which examined last year’s proposed budget, they found that the “implementation of the California Dream Act, which beginning in 2013-2014 made certain undocumented and nonresident students eligible for state financial aid, accounts for $67 million of the increase in Cal Grant spending.”

That was during the 2013-2014 fiscal year, and now the DREAM Act is going to cost California taxpayers $88.6 million for fiscal year 2017-2018. In a period spanning four years, the taxpayers are spending almost $22 million more for people that shouldn’t even be in the country to begin with.

Meanwhile Governor Brown thinks that it is acceptable to do just that. He doesn’t care that he just hurt the college dreams of many middle-class families with the destruction of this program.

That has made a lot of middle-class families angry, and who can blame them? The mere fact that illegal students avoid the budget cuts, but American citizens bearing the brunt of it would be enough to make anyone livid. Due to the fact that California is a highly taxed state, even middle class families have a heavy financial burden.

Throw in the fact that college is very expensive and these students would be drowning themselves in debt just to have a chance at a higher education and it makes even more sense that the families would be outraged. The families have also said that Brown’s plan is devoid of a basic comprehension of middle-class need.

That’s what to be expected when the Governor of the state is so focused on what he can do to help illegals. American citizens are thrown by the wayside because Brown’s bleeding liberal heart wants to help illegals over Americans.

California is living in their own little dream world, as they are doing all they can to protect the illegals living in the country. However the illegals living in the other 49 states are surprised at the fact that the immigration laws are being followed. Yes, they are surprised that the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is enforcing the law and deporting those people that shouldn’t be in the country.

Please share this article to show everyone that the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, has once again made a decision that is designed to hurt the American people, but will more than help the illegal immigrants in the state. Unfortunately this is a normal occurrence for people in California. Why help Americans when they can help people that don’t belong in the country?

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