Well, guys, he has gone and done it again! Donald Trump promised just a week ago that he was gonna “Send in the Feds” to Chicago and HERE THEY COME!!

Today Trump ordered the ATF to send in a “Special Task Force” from DC of 20 top agents to form the new Chicago Crime Guns Strike Force.

This is actually a very significant increase in ATF presence who previously only had 40 agents in the Chicago area.

The move came as a total surprise to Mayor Rham Emmanuel who said he welcomed President Trump’s move and even asked for more FBI and DEA agents to join in the fight.

A spokesperson for ATF said:

And there you have it. Chicago is a SUPER Democrat city and Trump is working hard to help them better their streets. He really is proving that he is a president of ALL Americans. Now let’s help him Share the good news all across the internet! Chicago will be SAVED!!


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