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Sanctuary City Just Humiliated, Democrats Ask For Forgiveness As Federal Funding Reallocated



As President Trump won the election and took office, sanctuary cities around the country strengthened their resolve. They spoke publically and often about how they would protect illegal immigrants no matter what Trump threatened.

They may have truly expected Hillary to lie or cheat her way into office somehow. Their unthinkable happened though; Donald Trump took his oath and became our next President. Some of the cities still vowed to guard illegals, their cries sounding a little weaker as they realized that Trump was here to stay.

A few short days after he officially became President, the order was signed. The Executive Order not only pledged to build the long promised wall between Mexico and the U.S, it also set forth plans to strip federal funding from cities that continued to harbor illegals.

His plans, all of them, raised a lot of tempers. Liberals and immigration advocates called it a disgrace, saying that President Trump was jeopardizing millions of lives.

The White House responded predictably, Sean Spicer saying,

“The American people are no longer going to have to be forced to subsidize this disregard for our laws.”

Billions of tax dollars each year are funneled to these cities, most of them controlled by Democrats. Under Obama, they have been operating however they want, spending federal funds to take care of illegals while neglecting their own citizens.

Under intense opposition, one county has decided to get out while they still can. Miami-Dade County in Florida is the only county in the United States to have half its population be foreign born.

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County commissioners upheld the mayor’s decision to cooperate with immigration officials on Friday. Cuban born Mayor Carlos Gimenez could not have come to the decision easily and the crowds’ cries of “shame on you” certainly didn’t help

Still, the county and its Mayor stood strong, the order passing with a vote of 9-3.

County Commissioner Rebecca Sosa, also Cuban, expressed a combination of regret and understanding;

“This is a country that opened arms to everyone, allowed opportunities to everyone. But this is also a country of law.”

Ultimately, that is what it comes down to. Liberals would like to make it about racism and bigotry but it boils down to law. We are the one of very few countries that has not been enforcing strict immigration policies. Even Mexico has a strong approach to people entering their country illegally.

Not only is the U.S lacking in border patrol, when illegals are caught, they are often released, even if they have been deported previously.

  • Immigrants must “have the means to sustain themselves economically” and they must be “physically [and] mentally healthy.”
  • “Foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country’s internal politics.”
  • Immigrants must be of “economic and social benefit to society [and] 
of good character and have no criminal records.”
  • Illegal immigration is a felony and “foreigners who are deported and attempt to re-enter the country without authorization can be imprisoned for up to 10 years.”

No, that isn’t President Trump’s list of new rules. Those are laws spelled out in Mexico’s immigration policies. Even a country that so many are desperate to escape doesn’t want people coming in without permission.

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Chances are that the county of Miami-Dade is not surrendering its sanctuary status for those reasons. It is a financial decision but it also shows that President Trump can get his agenda accomplished.

Mayor Gimenez denied that his city was ever a sanctuary city. “Miami-Dade is not — has never considered itself — a sanctuary community.”

Whatever technicalities the lawyers call on, Miami-Dade did stop complying with detention requests from the federal government. Their reason being that the government refused to pay for the extra jail time. The county commissioners unanimously agreed to that plan in 2013.

That time, the 8 years of Obama, has passed. Gimenez’s new directive agrees that the county will hold inmates for ICE, even if the federal government doesn’t reimburse the expenses.

Many immigrants and their advocates spoke out at the meeting in Miami. Gimenez and Sosa made attempts to remind the gathering, “We’re talking about prisoners. We’re talking about people who committed crimes.”

This also echoes President Trump’s statement that illegals who are here committing crimes are the ones that need to be afraid. Unfortunately for children, this does mean that families are sometimes being broken apart.

Commissioner Javier Souto told immigrants that there was more they could do to protect themselves and their children, “Recommendation to everyone: Get your things in line.”

Many of the commissioners in Miami-Dade came as immigrants themselves and are sympathetic but also understand the law. President Trump himself is not cold-hearted, merely following the federal laws as they are written. People have grown too comfortable under a President who does not care for American citizens first.

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If nothing else stops them, the threat or reality of losing federal money likely means that Miami-Dade will not be the last county or city to fall in line.

While some may find the decision unpopular or difficult, it is the lawful one. Cities who insist on protecting law breaking aliens will find themselves on the wrong side of the law as well.


The Pentagon Just Shut Down Trey Gowdy For Going After Hillary… Gowdy Could Use Your Support NOW



The Clinton’s have always been masters at “running out the clock” it’s a tactic they’ve used successfully since 1978, when Bill Clinton became the youngest governor of Arkansas, and it seems that the Democrats have been using that exact political tactic of delay, hinder, detain and slow down the investigation on the terror attacks of September 11th 2012, in Benghazi, Libya, with the hope of “running out the clock.”

However Congressman Gowdy isn’t someone easily intimidated or influenced into ending the investigation early until every rock is overturned, perhaps to the dismay of those Democrat’s sitting on the committee and no doubt with the Obama White House.

The bogus issue once again raised by Clinton operatives was the original agreed time line of two years, by House Selection Committee in completing the investigation.

Which prompted an irritated Gowdy to respond in a scathing letter to Defense Secretary Ash Carter, singling out both the Pentagon chief and one of his top lieutenants, “intentionally mischaracterizes both the nature of the Committee’s investigation and its interaction with the Department of Defense.”

Gowdy continued: “It is also riddled with factual inaccuracies, which not only does a disservice to the public but also does a disservice to the women and men who work for the Department of Defense,” he continued. “Your staff is welcome to waste taxpayer dollars writing partisan, factually deficient letters to our Committee, coordinate the language with House Democrats, and then leak it to the media. That is your prerogative”.

There’s little doubt that the American people are getting perhaps for the first time, a “birds-eye-view” of just how corrupt and deceitful our government has become, to the point of attempting to cover-up even the murder of 4-brave Americans tasked with protecting America’s interest and then being betrayed by those tasked with protecting them, and then stating; “what difference does it make?”

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Do you admire Trey Gowdy for standing up and fighting for justice?

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Аftеr Еllеn “Bаnnеd” Тrump Frоm Нer Ѕhow, Тоmi Lаhrеn Lеаked Тhe 1 Тhing Ѕhe Didn’t Wаnt Gеtting Оut



Despite being watched by Americans on all sides of the political spectrum, Ellen Degeneres has joined in on the Hollywood Trump-Hating by banning the President from her show. Ellen told Megyn Kelly that she “doesn’t want to give [Trump] a platform because it validates him.” (As if the man who was elected President needs validation?) Ellen also said she is scared of Trump “as a gay woman” and that he’s dangerous to America.

After hearing this nonsense, Tomi Lahren went on Fox News and exposed Ellen as a typical self-righteous hollywood liberal. “She actually thinks that by having Donald Trump, the President of The United States on her show, that she’s giving HIM a platform? Hello Ellen, he’s the President of the United States, you’re not giving him anything,” Tomi said. Then, she exposed Ellen’s SICK lies about Trump being “dangerous.”

First of all, President Trump is the most “Pro-Gay” person to ever be elected. He literally said he was “fine” with gay marriage while he was running for President, a position even Barack Obama didn’t take until he was elected to his 2nd term. Did Ellen think Obama was dangerous when she was dancing around with him?

But here’s the real BOMBSHELL. Ellen failed to mention that she had Trump as a guest on her show just a few years ago. While Tomi is talking, they flash on the screen Trump’s appearance on the Ellen show January 19th, 2007. Funny how liberals never called Trump a racist, sexist, dangerous, homophobe until he was elected President. WATCH the explosive clip below then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral!


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Congress Just ENDED It For Anti-American NFL With Just One Swipe Of The Pen



Over the past couple of weeks, NFL protests have metastasized into something racist and vile. No longer are some of these athletes happy to quietly protest by sitting or kneeling through our National Anthem, as we’re now seeing an increasing number of athletes flashing black power salutes after they sack white players on the field.

President Trump has had enough, and several days ago spoke out about the NFL allowing this to go on, telling Americans to turn off the game, while advising NFL owners to “get that son of a b***h off the field right now … he’s fired!”

Over the weekend, these players held massive protests across the NFL to defy President Trump, where over 200 athletes took a knee or sat, with entire teams choosing to stay in the locker room as the National Anthem played. These players have grown increasingly cocky over the past week, believing they’re unstoppable, while ignoring the will of their patriotic fans, who are now causing their viewership to plummet into the double digits. As angry Americans continue to prove they have better things to do other than being bombarded with the anti-American sentiments of “oppressed” millionaires, Congress is now stepping in with an action that could ruin everything overnight for the NFL, with one simple swipe of a pen.

One thing people don’t realize is the NFL currently gets over a billion dollars in taxpayer-funded federal subsidies. The fancy stadiums that these entitled players continue to kneel and disrespect our country in were bought and funded by the American tax payer, where we’ve foot the bill for 20 NFL stadiums since 1997.

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Over the past 20 years, the American people have spent spent a whopping $7 billion to renovate or build NFL stadiums, providing 46% of the total costs of these fancy stadiums. But all that could soon change after what Congress just announced. In the U.S. Senate, there is a bill currently being reviewed that would BAN the use of federal money for the construction and financing of professional sports arenas. Conservative Fighters reports:

“In the U.S. House and Senate, there is bill currently reviewed which will ban the use of federal money for financing the construction of professional sports arenas.

Oklahoma Republican Rep. Steve Russell first presented the bill a few months ago, and now has become an interest to others as well as the NFL players continue to express their dishonor of America. The bill already has bipartisan support.

‘The federal government is responsible for a lot of important functions, but financing sports stadiums for multi-million – sometimes billion – dollar franchises is definitely not one of them,’ Rep. Russell said.

The financing is a form of community bonds that channel taxpayers’ money into the projects for construction of sports arenas.

For the past 17 years, 36 professional athletic stadiums have been built or renovated by federal tax-exempted municipal bonds. This cost taxpayers $3.2 billion dollars,” the Caller explained, quoting information from the Brookings Institute.

Advocates for the federal funding of professional sports arenas often justify the costs by pointing to economic development, but new research shows that isn’t true.

‘There is no statistically significant positive correlation between sports facility construction and economic development,’ the Journal of Economic Perspectives said.”

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Well, how about that; it turns out that there’s even more that the government and taxpayers do for those players than just show up at their games and buy their overpriced jerseys. Apparently, our hard earned tax dollars are going to help out with those stadiums that we only get to enter when we pay an additional fee,” Kat from Freedom Daily reported. 

Unfortunately for the anti-American NFL, empty stadiums and plummeting viewership could soon be the least of their concerns. If these subsidies suddenly end, all the NFL would have to fork out their own money to build and maintain these fancy stadiums, meaning they’d have no choice but to listen to their angry fans and put an end to these protests.

As these cocky players continue to disrespect our country, our police, and every American soldier who has fought, bled, and died to protect America, the one thing they didn’t consider was the will of the American people. After refusing to listen to their vast patriotic fanbase, now they’ll be incurring the full wrath of GOP lawmakers who overnight could ruin everything for them with this wonderful new piece of legislation.

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John McCain calls Mike Pence “asshole” on live TV. [VIDEO]



Pence is a traitor! John McCain has become an all out thorn the Republican Party needs to be put in his place!

Just look at his Military Record for his time as a POW

He is lucky one of his fellow soldiers has'nt come out to destroy him.

He called the protesters low lifes which they are.

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Tucker Shuts Down NAACP Official Who Claims NFL Is Racist For Not Hiring Colin Kaepernick With Just One Question



With less than two weeks to go before the start of the NFL regular season, league quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still without a job.

Over the offseason, football teams have continually chosen not to sign Kaepernick, which has led his supporters to cry racism. Now the NAACP and ACLU are getting more involved in the situation by demanding an NFL team hire Kaepernick. Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke with an Atlanta NAACP leader Friday night about the demand.

Racism or not?
Gerald Griggs, vice president of the NAACP’s Atlanta chapter, told Carlson the NFL must answer why its 17th best quarterback — based on QB rating — doesn’t have a job despite the league employing more than 90 quarterbacks.

Since Kaepernick is such a skilled player, yet he doesn’t have a job, how does race or his national anthem protests not play a part in his unemployment, Griggs said.

Carlson, on the other hand, pointed out that 70 percent of the NFL’s players are black, which he said disqualifies any claim the league is racist. He also noted that Kaepernick has made tens of millions of dollars playing professional football and even signed one of the league’s biggest contracts ever in 2014.

“Just on the basis of those facts alone, it’s hard to see how Colin Kaepernick at 29 is a victim of racism,” Carlson said.

The ‘obvious’ question..
After arguing back and forth, Carlson reiterated the “obvious” question: “If [NFL] owners are racist, why are 70 percent of their employees black? Wouldn’t they not want to hire black people if they were racist and pay them hundreds of millions of dollars?”

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“This is about talent — and, again, his talent speaks for itself,” Griggs answered. “If there’s no other reason than talent that’s keeping him off the field, I think that’s a question better asked to the owners.”

It’s that important?
Carlson then shifted the conversation and grilled Griggs over problems that plague the black community, such as 70 percent of children being born to unmarried parents.

“Is that a bigger problem or a smaller problem than Colin Kapernick getting another $126 million contract?” Carlson questioned.

The tense exchange
Griggs responded by asking what the rate is in Atlanta, but Carlson was quickly becoming unnerved by the conversation.

“Here you are sucking up to a guy who signed a $126 million contract. You think in a country of 320 million [people] you could actually find someone who’s actually a victim of racism or oppression,” Carlson chided. “But this guy is 29 years old and has more money than god — he’s the victim?”

“There are a lot of people who might need your help,” he added. “How is Kaepernick one of them?”

“This is about talent. This is about the NFL. This is about the NFL needing to answer the question why the 17th best quarterback in the league is out of a job,” Griggs explained.

“Your position is so absurd,” Carlson shot back. “Do you feel that your devaluing any of your moral authority by taking your time and energy defending 29-year-old millionaires against fake accusations of racism.

Griggs responded by again saying there’s no “real reason” Kaepernick isn’t signed to a team. “We are sending a strong message to [NFL commissioner] Roger Goodell…if he decides not to meet with us, then we will decide to take appropriate actions after that.”



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