BOOM: Muslims Chant ‘Allah’ On Plane, Flight Attendant Has Brilliant Response

Delta Airlines is being sued by a Muslim couple whining about how they were treated, but the brave flight attendant did her job right by putting passengers before their sensibilities.

The Cincinnati, Ohio Muslim couple chanted, “Allah” while “hiding” their cellphones from view. This behavior obviously caught the highly trained flight attendant’s attention and made her very “uncomfortable.” For the sake of the safety of both passengers and crew, she urged the pilot to have them removed from the airplane.

The Delta flight attendant said every time she walked by the couple from Cincinnati, they were texting rather covertly on their phones. The Muslim man and woman also appeared to be sweating profusely according to the Delta staffer. The couple blamed their perspiration on a long boarding wait on the tarmac.

Everyone else on the plane was forced to deal with the same wait. The other passengers were also subjected to the same “poor air circulation” on the plane, and they did not have beads of sweat running down their faces.

“I was scared because it looked like some random guy was taking pictures of our passports on his personal phone,” said Nazia Ali, the Muslim woman from Cincinnati, after she and her husband, Faisal, were kicked off the airplane.

Once back on solid ground, police officers reviewed the Muslim couple’s passports and read the texts they were sending from the plane.

The viral video of the Ohio Muslims being kicked off the plane illustrates how polite, professional, and calm the flight attendant was while trying to handle the situation. The couple, on the other hand, immediately became combative.

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It took only seconds for the two passengers to claim they were being discriminated against. If actual ISIS or al-Qaeda terrorists were on the plane beside them and behaving suspiciously, the Cincinnati couple could have become victims themselves if the flight attendant had worried about political correctness.

If a few moments of uncomfortable inconvenience keeps radical Islamic jihadists from flying over American soil, then so be it. Flight attendants should never be worried about hurt feelings and lawsuits when trying to determine if passengers could pose a threat to the airplane.

Liberal politicians cannot continue to urge Americans to adhere to the “see something, say something” reporting policy to help thwart terrorism and then bash folks when they actually do it. The Delta flight attendant was not being a racist or Islamophibic — she was doing her job and behaving like a true patriot!

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