BREAKING: Trump Just Guaranteed 3 Traitorous Republicans Will Lose Their Jobs

Since the election of our greatest president ever, Donald J Trump, there have been bunches of Republicans who just can’t seem to get on board with making America great again.

A few of them have decided to go so far as to outwardly accuse our glorious leader of colluding with the Russians.

That is, of course, ludicrous. President trump has never had anything to do with the Russians, just like he says in his tweets. That hasn’t stopped some renegade RINOs from doing all they can to stand in our president’s way.

As a result of their renegade ways, President Trump has been forced to take extreme actions.

Being the head of the Republican Party, he has decided that to cut the head off the snake you simply have to cut their funding. Therefore, the campaign funds of John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Rand Paul have been absorbed into the RNC general fund for redistribution to members of the party who will back their leader.

The three senators have already filed in federal court to have their funds returned to them only to be shut down. Their big mistake was calling them “their” funds when clearly they belong to the Republican party.

Now they get to go into their election cycles with no money to campaign with.

In other words, you traitors…you’re fired.

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