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BUSTED! OBAMA Held 22 Secret Meetings With Top Russian Spy. What Is HE Hiding?



While the liberals are frothing at the mouths and pointing to Trump’s supposed ties with Russia, they have blinded themselves to the fact that Obama met with a Russian operative 22 times.

The Russian is Sergey Kislyak, who is the very same man who talked with Michael Flynn. He visited the White House multiple times between 2009 and 2016, and met with Obama’s top advisers. Why exactly did they meet so often? (via The Daily Caller)

The last time Kislyak appeared at the White House was September 2016, just a month before the outcome of the presidential election was announced.

Kislyak had a meeting with John Holdren, a top Obama adviser, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Others at the meeting include Sergey Sarazhinskiy, Marina W. Gross, Vyacheslv Balakirev, Alexander Ermolaev, and Alexey Lopatin.

The meeting was scheduled to start at noon, but there is no record of when it ended. Kislyak also visited the White House twice in 2009, six times in 2010, twice in 2012, once in 2013, twice in 2014, once in 2015, and four times in 2016.

The logs note which officials from the White House met with Kislyak, some include: Holdren (two visits); Gary Samore, senior official of National Security Council on weapons of mass destruction (four visits); Robert Malley, Obama’s senior adviser of destroying ISIS (three visits); Michael Froman, Obama’s trade representative (one visit); Lawrence Summers, Obama’s economic adviser (one visit); and the visitor’s office (four visits).

There are an additional 12 visits where Kislyak attended events like the “diplomatic corps reception” and the “holiday open house.”

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But the visitor’s logs that were kept during Obama’s time in the White House are known for their inaccuracies, so who knows how pften Kislyak really came to the White House. Sometimes, scheduled but unfilled appointments are also listed.

One thing is for certain, Kislyak was very welcome at the White House during Obama’s time. So, why the sudden Russian accusations coming from the left? It seems that Obama had no problem inviting the “evil Russians” to meetings while he was in charge.

Now that Trump is considering have strong relations with the Kremlin, meeting with their people is suddenly taboo? The proof is in the pudding, Kislyak came to the White House several times while Obama was in office. If it is dangerous for Michael Flynn to talk to this man, then the President surely shouldn’t have been talking to him.

Kislyak was appointed the Washington ambassador for Russia in 2008, meaning he worked exclusively with Obama’s administration. Are they working together to undermine Trump’s presidency?


Black SNL host is now literally calling our president a “bitch”, a “cheap cracker” on national television.



Black SNL host is now literally calling our president a "bitch",
a "cheap cracker" on national television.

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Trump Just Shut Down Obama’s Post Presidency Plans–Barry Is FURIOUS!



We’ve all heard that Obama and his family are planning on staying in Washington DC after their illegal stint as First Family is over so they can continue meddling in governmental affairs. Today Donald Trump changed all that.

In a move that reportedly sent Obama storming away from the Oval Office where he was on the phone with the President-Elect, Trump informed him that he was taking steps to remove Obama’s influence from post-Obama government.

A Trump aide who was in the room for the call told USA Today that Obama began screaming when Trump told him, “I’m sorry, but I made a promise and I intend to keep it.” The promise was to keep people from former administrations from lobbying or interfering with government for a period of five years after their term is up. Obama apparently flipped out when Trump told him:

“That will include you, Mr. President. I will be adding POTUS, V-POTUS and the entire First Family to the language. You’re welcome to stay in DC, but if you try to impede the work the American people elected me to do you’ll go to jail.”

Shortly after the phone call the Obamas announced they would be buying a house in California. Buh-bye, Barry. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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Alec Baldwin Arrested In Central Park Drinking And Crying About Trump–DeBlasio Covers It Up



A pair of beat cops in new York came upon Alec Baldwin in a group of what seemed to be mostly degenerate park-drinkers early Saturday morning. Baldwin, who was unkempt and drunk, had apparently been up all night in the park engaging in what liberals seem to think is a hoot: breaking the law and crying about Donald Trump.

Officer Marcus DeLaney told The Manhattan Express that Baldwin was a blubbering mess, crying about what a “fascist” Trump is and begging to be let go:

“He was like a little kid. His eyes were all bloodshot and his hoodie was soaked from crying. He smelled like the bottom of a dumpster at a Buffalo Wild Wings.”

DeLaney says he and his partner, Officer Mia Betaku, handcuffed Baldwin and put him in their police cruiser, only to be told a few minutes later to drop the bad actor off at home:

“The dispatcher said the word came down from the mayor’s office that Baldwin was a friend of the city and the NYPD who deserved a little bit of ‘discretion’ because of what he just went through.”

What he just went through? He went through a presidential election and his candidate lost. He went through the same thing 60 million other dumb liberals went through: they backed the wrong horse. Is this what we’ve been reduced to? Is this really the kind of country we want to raise our children in?

Obviously, since the people have spoken, the answer to that would be “no.”

The Manhattan Express has since pulled the article and surprise surprise…the mainstream media hasn’t reported it at all. The two officers involved are no longer available for comment and there is no police report or dispatcher log of the incident.

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Yup. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

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BOMBSHELL !!! NYT Report: FBI Believes Obama Was Rigging U.S. Election!



A bombshell report has been released by the New York Times, and it provides shocking evidence that FBI Director James Comey was fully aware Obama’s administration was rigging the presidential election in favor of failed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The report reveals Comey reopened the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server solely to uphold the credibility of the F.B.I., out of fear that Obama’s administration was not supporting an independent, thorough investigation and he would be criticized for the unethical bias.

He anticipated Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch would intentionally close the investigation into Clinton’s email server before any true crimes were able to be revealed, based on an email obtained by Russian hackers and then intercepted by the F.B.I..

“The document, which has been described as both a memo and an email, was written by a Democratic operative who expressed confidence that Ms. Lynch would keep the Clinton investigation from going too far, according to several former officials familiar with the document,” The Times reported.

Based on the assumption that Clinton would win the election and Russian hackers would release the email, Comey reopened the investigation to cover their tracks.

But there was another investigation in the works that Comey did not reveal to the public.

The F.B.I. was also investigating then presidential nominee Donald Trump, but followed typical protocol of secrecy — likely due to the lack of political motivation hindering his investigation.

The investigation into Trump didn’t posses the potential public backlash that was plaguing Clinton’s investigation.

Throughout the campaign, AG Lynch was anything but subtle in her cohorts with the Clintons.

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She was caught privately meeting with Bill Clinton during the election, leading to raised suspicions that she was too familiar with the Clinton clan, and would not support an independent, unbiased investigation.

Bill Clinton swore all he did was discuss grandkids as he met privately with then AG Loretta Lynch on a small plane on a Phoenix tarmac prior to the election, while Hillary was still under ‘investigation’ by the FBI prior to the election…yeah…right!

New evidence proves Loretta Lynch colluded with the Clintons to keep the Justice Department from investigating Hillary ‘too closely’!

According to the Times, another document, hacked by the Russians, reveals collusion between the former Attorney General and the Democrats to ensure Hillary Clinton’s victory in the general election.

AG Lynch encouraged FBI Director Comey to refer to Clinton’s investigation as a “matter,” not an “investigation” and even revised a public statement from the Justice Department about the investigation to remove the word, “criminal.”

Mr. Comey’s defenders regard this as one of the untold stories of the Clinton investigation, one they say helps explain his decision-making.”

If a local news reporter in Phoenix had not reported that Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton had met on that tarmac, she might have succeeded in sheltering Hillary even more effectively than she had.

The Times’ report further proves that Lynch and Obama’s administration were tampering with the election to do everything in their power to ensure Clinton’s win, and even Obama’s own F.B.I was onto them.

But even with all the clear tampering, Obama and Lynch still couldn’t beat Trump.

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It’s time someone went to jail for this.

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BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Moves In On Obama With Jade Helm Investigation



Congressman Gowdy is intent on taking down the Obama Deep State shadow government any way he possibly can. Gowdy’s office announced this morning that the committee on governmental ethics will be moving forward to investigate and hopefully prosecute Obama along with 4 generals and an admiral for the attempted takeover of more than 300K square miles of the American south during Operation Jade Helm 15.

With newly released documentation of the original intent of the operation and the discovery of dozens of “reprogramming” camps across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama, Gowdy intends to prove that Obama and his military minions were planning to basically take the southern states from their sovereign governments and turn them into federal land ruled by martial law.

With the south secure, the protests for freedom it would spur in the north would have given Obama the ammo he needed to suspend the federal government and habeas corpus in favor of a dictatorship. FEMA agents were being trained to program Americans to comply with their new socialist lives and law enforcement, including the FBI and Homeland Security, were being trained to secure and confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens in the name of a peaceful resolution to the “problem.”

Gowdy says he will not rest until he gets to the bottom of the operation and puts Obama behind bars where he belongs.

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