Joy Behar Says Melania And Donald Trump Need A DIVORCE – They’re Reaction Will Below You Away

The View‘s s so-called love expert, Joy Behar, went on air to tell the world that Melania and Donald are not convincing her that they are in love. She even described Melania as a hostage living in Trump Tower, far away from her husband. She has been criticizing other people’s lives for quite a while now.

Melania and Barron Trump have just decided to move into the White House much sooner than was expected. It is unknown where Behar came up with her comments. Nothing has happened that would make anyone think that they do not love each other. But as we know, liberals will make up anything in order to make the President’s life harder.

Behar is not the only one that has been in hot water lately. He co-host on The View, Whoopi Goldberg has been speaking her leftist mind very often as well.

This show spits out hatred towards our first family on a daily basis and it is about time that it ends. Questioning the love between a couple is nobody’s job but theirs. Melania has proven time ans time again that she is a very strong, independent woman who can make decisions herself. She fits in very well at the White House.

We are finally seeing a First Lady that has class in the White House. It has been a long time, 8 years in fact, since we have seen that. She will be bringing many good things to Washington for the years to come. We wish nothing but the best for them during their time there and may their love continue to grow stronger daily.

The couple said that they do not care what anyone says about their love, because they know what really matters and that is God, our family, and this country.

Joy Behar is yet to comment on her words describing the First Family, but it is pretty obvious that she owes them an apology. Share this so that Behar will have to apologize for her comments!

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