Melania Spent Entire Day In Hospital Following Nasty Attack By Dems The Night Before — Here’s Why

After making an impressive appearance at President Trump’s first address to Congress on Tuesday night, First Lady Melania Trump was completely out of the public eye for the next 24 hours. She had been brutally picked apart by the left for how she looked at the speech and now we know that she was out of sight all of Wednesday since she was in the hospital.

Among the many differences between our current First Lady and the former, Michelle Obama, Melania is intentionally reserved and doesn’t try to demand respect and claim attention in being overbearing. Her actions speak much louder than the slander the left throws at her, which proves her to be a powerful leader in her own right. After spending the entire day at the hospital while hateful liberals publicly trashed her, it’s clear what kind of a person Melania really is.

Rather than concerning herself with the disgusting things being said by irrelevant people, Melania gave her entire day and all of her attention to sick kids facing far bigger issues than she was. The only public documentation of this visit was a photo of our First Lady with these very special patients at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. that she posted on Twitter. With the picture, was a thank you message to these kids and their families who welcomed her there. She also offered them her prayers.

Genuine compassion is back in the White House with Melania as out First Lady. She’s an absolutely amazing woman who is grossly underestimated by people who don’t understand the importance of a person like her and the message she delivers with her actions. She leads by her own example of being a loving person who thinks of ways to reach out and help others more than themselves.


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