Smug Illegal Immigrant TRASHES Trump on Live TV – Regrets It SECONDS Later

An illegal immigrant who was given a second chance through DACA once again ignored American laws and went on live television to flaunt her actions. What happened next enraged politically correct liberals — but caused patriots to cheer!

Daniela Vargas protested the ICE arrests of her illegal alien father and brother in front of the news cameras in Mississippi. Mere moments after trashing President Donald Trump, the ICE agents came back and got her and she is now in custody, via CNN.

Vargas, 22, was allowed to become one of Obama’s “Dreamers” because she was brought here from Argentina by her parents when she was seven. All she had to do to stay and remain in compliance with the law was to re-register by an annual deadline, but she chose not to do that, and now must pay the price.

President Trump has shown great compassion for the DACA individuals, but that doesn’t mean he is a weak pushover like Obama and will let them defy the simple rules they must follow to remain exempt from deportation. If Vargas had re-registered in November as required, she would not be sitting in a detention center right now.

According to a CNN report, the illegal immigrant claimed she did not have the $495 to pay the required registration fee. She works full-time as a store manager, yet she does not have the money to to pay a $495 fee to remain in this country? Sounds like another liberal sob story to me!

Even though she was an illegal alien, she was awarded a scholarship to the local community college. Another freebie on the American tax payer! I know a few friends that would have appreciated their child being able to go to school free of charge!

Vargas has taken advantage of all America has to offer for the past 15 years. The only thing she had to do to show gratitude and respect for our country was to fill out a re-registration form.

That is definitely not too much to ask. Instead of lambasting President Trump, she should have been thankful he was willing to continue the DACA program.

She knew when the annual deadline was and should have budgeted better to pay the very important bill. American citizens cannot go without penalty or a service shut-off if we do not pay our fines, mortgages, and electric bill on time, and the Dreamers can’t either.

Abby Peterson, Vargas’ attorney, said she put off re-registering until last month. She suddenly was able to come up with the cash and was willing to follow the law just one day after ICE came calling and arrested her dad and brother. How convenient! If you ask me, it sounds more like she was trying to get away without paying the fee and hoping she would slip through the cracks!

Greisa Martinez Rosas, advocacy director for United We Dream, said, “Just after she spoke, ICE agents retaliated. ICE agents tracked her down and knocked on her window. And what we know they said is, ‘You know who we are, you know why we’re here.’”

ICE agents were not retaliating, they were just following the law. If Vargas had done the same she would not be sitting in a cell worrying about being deported to Argentina!


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