Trump Just CHANGED The Secret Service’s Top Official, Look Who Is In Charge NOW

It has been reported that the Secret Service will be led and overseen by a military man as never before in contemporary history.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, a retired Marine general and ex head of U.S. Central Command, is getting ready to put a senior armed forces officer to the agency’s head position.

The decision is perceived as an attempt to push drastic discipline and give the Secret Service a hand in recovering from the image blow over White House’s inconveniences recently.

Employees are awaiting the official announcement this following week, the Examiner noted.

The most recent full-time Secret Service director, ex agent Joseph Clancy, retired on March 3 – again – and put an ‘acting director,’ William Callahan, as a shoe filler of the position.

Clancy leaving came as a parallel to several security mistakes, the Examiner reported.

Back on March 10 an intruder managed to jump over a White House fence and walk on the presidential house’s lawn for no less than 17 minutes prior to agents spotting him.

Trump before this has implicated keenness to position high ranked military men in cabinet-level spots.

Kelly, for instance, is a retired three-star general. More so, James Mattis, the secretary of Defense, is a retired four-star Marine.

The Secret Service on top of this had the audacity to demand extra $60 million in funding for the following fiscal year so it could manage the expenses related with guarding the Trump family, but was not accepted.

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