BREAKING: A Federal Judge Just Made A Fool Of Michelle Obama

One of the first things to go when the Obamas left office were the horrible lunches Michelle Obama managed to force on public schoolchildren. Often not enough to satisfy a toddler and too disgusting to feed to your potbellied pig, the Obama lunches were a failure from day one.

After they were removed from the menu by executive order, The former First Moocher filed a lawsuit in the 16th District Court of Appeals to have her own personal law that nobody voted for reinstated. It seems she would rather see kids starve than have her name removed from something.

The court came back and unanimously shot her down, responding that not only was it selfish for her to impose her will on schoolchildren who didn’t vote for her but that the meals she was forcing on them would be considered cruel and unusual punishment if they were served in a prison.

She left the court in a fit of rage and went directly to the taco truck on the corner to have a better lunch than anything she had ever had served to a 3rd-grader.

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