BREAKING: Liberal Hero Robert DeNiro Had A Rude Awakening When The Secret Service Knocked On His…

Robert DeNiro has become a well-known loser ever since his cute little “Trump is a punk” video made no difference on election day. In that video, he told some very bad lies and disrespected the president in a big way. Watch the piece of trash fake tough guy’s pitiful performance below:

Now that President Trump has taken office, DeNiro went on a list of people who had directly threatened hi. “I’d like to punch him in the face” might be something fun to say about a guy at the end of the bar or your wife’s flirty boss, but it’s not something you can just say about the President of the United States. Donald Trump made sure of that when he signed the POTUS protection order the day he took office.

Jeff Derpinger, Director of the WHOIP, told reporters from The Gateway Pundit and Breitbart:

“President Trump said from the beginning that he wouldn’t stand for the insults and threats and that they’d be dealt with accordingly. DeNiro is an influential person in this country and his statements create a direct and credible threat against the leader of our country. As such, he will be investigated, his passport and any travel visas he has revoked and he will go on the no-fly list. He will also be subject to a tax audit and further investigation by the Justice Department. Basically, his entire life is about to be opened and examined.

Let this be a lesson to those who won’t back President Trump: You will not like what happens if you don’t fall in line.”

DeNiro wasn’t available for comment but a source for Paramount Pictures says the travel ban has already cost him more than $10 million for contracted filming obligations in New Zealand that he can no longer attend.


Take notice, liberals. You can’t just say whatever you want about President Trump and get away with it.


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