BREAKING: Trump’s Aggressive New Executive Order Changes Everything For Crooked Hillary.

President Trump has taken action to make sure that politicians like the Clintons will never be able to spend three decades under a blanket of corruption, untouchable by law enforcement and the scales of justice again. With a single signature on the most empowering executive order yet, our President has taken control of the very process that makes America weak.

Executive order 410893D gives the power to charge criminals not only to the US Attorney and the Justice Department but to their chief executive. The order states:

Being that the authority to charge criminals with crimes against the state falls under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department, the President shall hereby have the authority to issue warrants and charges against those who would act against our country and its interests.

Any individual charged by Presidential decree will be treated first as an enemy combatant under the Patriot Act before being placed in the mainstream criminal justice system.

In case you haven’t figured it out, the president now has the authority to act in the best interests of America and to put away people like Hillary Clinton who are being treated with favoritism and bias by the law enforcement agencies tasked with investigating them.

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