Democrat Senator Caught Red Handed Hiring Illegals To Do A Very SICK Job

Democrat Rhode Island State Senator Ron Milhouse was just indicted on 14 counts of procuring illegal labor, morbid sacrilege and obstruction of justice after he put more than a dozen illegals to work on a piece of property he purchased in South Florida. The senator, an avid Obama supporter who campaigned heavily for Hillary Clinton, wanted to turn the property into condos until he learned there was a Spanish burial ground there that dated back to the 17th century.

Milhouse had the illegals dig up the graves of more than 60 men, whose location had been lost to time but whose families were still actively searching for, dumping them in a large pit he made them dig on an adjacent property. It wasn’t until one of the illegals showed up at a local pawn shop with several gold doubloons worth tens of thousands of dollars that somebody got suspicious.

After a short investigation, the local police determined that the senator had not only broken labor laws, he had also desecrated a burial site that the Spanish government had been searching for since the end of the Spanish-American War. Archaeologists estimate that more than $30 million in damage had been done and that nearly half of the bodies were destroyed beyond recognition.

What’s really sad is that had the senator reported the find to the authorities, he stood to make more than $100 million in rewards and the sale of the land back to Spain. The gold discovered on the site would have been his to keep as long as it carried no family crest.

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Instead, 14 illegal aliens cashed in for more than $60K, sent the money back to their families and are now filthy rich and living large after being deported while the dunce who hired them sits rotting in a jail cell waiting to lose everything. Sometimes justice is funny like that.

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