Man Saves Woman From Carjacking, Media Can’t Stand Reporting It For 1 Reason

A man saved a woman and a fellow unarmed good Samaritan from attack, and the media has giving it lackluster coverage, at best, for one reason:

You guessed it: The man was a concealed carrier.

In Shawnee, Kansas, the two attempted carjackers hit a woman over the head from behind as she was strapping her child into a child safety seat.

As you can imagine, that made some folks pretty righteously angry.

One of the shoppers, Wendy Russell Macrorie, actually managed to capture part of the aftermath on her phone.

Police told the Kansas City Star (via WND) that two men attacked a woman as she was strapping her child into her car. An unarmed, but concerned, good Samaritan charged in to help her and was shot repeatedly for his trouble.

Upon seeing what had transpired, a second good Samaritan exited his car and shot one of the two attackers dead.

The slain attacker was John W. Simmons III, 28. The second attacker was still at large.

The victim was released from the hospital, and the unarmed good Samaritan was still receiving care. He was last reported to be in serious condition on Monday, according to WND.

Maj. Dan Tennis of the Shawnee Police Department said of the attack: “You know our hearts and prayers go out to both of them for a speedy recovery. I know we have many people out right now, many teams of officers and detectives. We had to make contact with the family of Good Samaritan No. 1 to get them to the hospital to be with him, but apparently Good Samaritan No. 1 is able to talk.”

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As a concealed carrier, my hat is off to both good Samaritans — but especially to Samaritan No. 2.

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