72 Mosques Just Felt The Wrath Of President Trump

If the liberals and the courts are going to stand in the way of our president making America safe again, he’s going to take matters into his own hands. Acting on reports from several intelligence officers working in and around Muslim communities, Trump compiled a list of mosques all up and down the eastern seaboard that are known to sell the jihadist rhetoric that radicalizes people and turns them into killers.

Whether just in sermons or in action, these places of “worship” have violated the fundamental laws of America by speaking out against our God and our way of life and must be stopped. Trump did just that.

72 mosques have been ordered closed. They were all raided during morning prayer and the worshippers inside taken for questioning. Their homes were searched and their lives turned inside out. This is precisely the kind of action we need our president to take. Liberals will call it “profiling.” The Trump administration calls it “battling radical Islam.” Of course you have to go after people who practice the faith to catch terrorists. Should Trump have shut down cathedrals and synagogues looking for radicalized Americans?

Of the more than 6,000 people detained and searched, 11 were taken for further interrogation. Each of those 11 could be the head of a terror cell. Without Trump and real action we would have never known there was an issue

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