George Soros fueled every fire that burns in every country across the globe. He is the root of the evil that killed so many innocent people. Soros only thrives to harm people, and Americans are aware of his role in the protests that took place after President Donald Trump was inaugurated.

Soros is the vicious player that led the violent protests that shut down the Milo Yiannopoulos event in Berkeley, CA. we knew that the disaster was somehow connected with Soros and his dirty hands.

But, world leaders opened their eyes, and Soros is now evicted from some countries for fueling anarchism. We know that he funded radical groups, and we need to stop this man before he goes any further.

Soros dreams of creating a new world order, and knows no other way but violence. He paid rioters to shout in the streets in order to convince Americans that nobody likes Donald Trump. But, polls show that people appreciate and respect President Trump. So, it seems like Soros spent those money for nothing.

World citizens are already on their legs, and conservative governments gather against Soros and his “humane” organizations. George Soros supports Tides Foundation, and it funds the Alliance for Global Justice. Is it even legal to put Soros and “justice” in the same sentence? Soros donated $50,000 to Refuse Fascism, and it encourages violent methods to stop the conservative and libertarian cause.

Tides Foundation is one of the biggest donors to the Alliance for Global Justice. AFGJ received $2.2 million by March 2016.

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This is horrible, and we need to kick out Soros. We don’t need people like him to destroy our dreams and hopes.

What do you think about this? Will George Soros stop funding anti-Trump organizations? Why is he still active in the world scene? What’s his final goal?

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