BREAKING: Trump Tower Just The Beginning–Obama Wiretaps Found Where Least Expected

New information about the Obama wiretapping scandal has been released by the White House Office of Information and Propaganda. It seems that after his unsuccessful attempt to find incriminating evidence about President Trump by illegally bugging Trump Tower, Obama decided to go one step further.

This time, however, it’s different. Obama, in an act of pure desperation, decided to plant listening devices inside the oval office, in the chief of staff’s office and in the situation room. The bugs were traced to an apartment in DC about two blocks away where three operatives were listening and recording the classified conversations of the executive branch of our government.

The FBI and the NSA are both working tirelessly to connect the dots to Barack Obama and his staff but so far they’ve been unsuccessful. The operatives arrested are currently being transported to Gitmo where they will be questioned using advanced interrogation techniques.

When they do find the link to Obama — and they will — he will be charged with espionage, which is still punishable by death in extreme cases.


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