SHOCKING: Top Republican Will Not Vote For Trump’s New Healthcare Bill!

According to a recent report by ABC News, a high-ranking House Republican confirmed his opposition to the new Republican healthcare reform on Tuesday, expressing concerns about pre-existing conditions, as GOP leaders try to push and enforce the bill.

Congressman Fred Upton from Michigan, the former head of the House Energy and Commerce Committee that has jurisdiction over healthcare policies, commented on a Michigan radio station early today that he will not vote for the legislation.

The new change to the Republican healthcare regulation will maintain the protections of pre-existing conditions but would enable states to seek waivers for an Obamacare mandate that forbids insurers from charging clients with pre-existing conditions more  for healthcare insurance.

Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House, stood by the regulation early today and urged Republicans to follow his example and support the legislation.

“What’s important is we want to have a situation where people can afford their health insurance. We want to have a situation where people have a choice of health insurers. That’s not happening in Obamacare,” said the House Speaker, pointing to high premium increases.

“So what good is insurance if you don’t get it, if it’s not offered to you or you can’t afford it? So the purpose of our bill is to get more choices to lower prices while preserving the protections for pre-existing conditions. So that is a very important thing.”

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