Obama Has A Tantrum In the wake of Being Declined A Meeting With Trump At The White House

Four Mystery Administration specialists and two Joined States Marines had a decent chuckle before today when Barack Obama appeared unannounced at the White House, requesting a meeting with President Trump. At in the first place, the previous president just gestured and waved and began strolling through the entryway at the oval like he possessed the place until he encountered Specialist Brock Neidemeir, who used to serve on his detail.

After a short dialog, Neidemyer consented to call down to the Oval Office and was told by Trump's secretary Rosalita that he wasn't welcome and that Trump had no time for him. Obama, being the sore failure that he is, began stepping around like a child and requesting he be permitted in. Individuals as far away as the south entryway could hear him whimpering.

There's no explaining why Obama wanted to appear at the White House or why he thought he could simply waltz appropriate in like he claimed the place.

One thing is without a doubt: Trump wouldn't permit somebody who knows how to carry out his employment that vastly improved than him to descend the corridors of the West Wing and show him up. He has main problems to manage.

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