Oval Office Disinfected After Objections Of Overpowering Smell Of Horse Crap

A PARADE of trucks, from a few contending fumigation specialist organizations, were seen arranging outside the White House at 7am at the beginning of today following reports that the Oval Office may have progressed toward becoming pervaded with poisonous bologna.

Many concerned subjects working in structures in the encompassing Washington DC territory griped about the mind-boggling stench not long after the workplace of the President issued an official statement yesterday evening affirming FBI Director James Comey had been let go by President Trump.

"You know, it's simply the sort of notice that just hotels itself up in your nose, and gives your stifler reflex something to consider," shared one individual who could notice it the distance from his office in the Senate building.

Individuals from far away as Florida, California and Texas in this way announced the scent to the applicable specialists soon after the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who had recused himself from being straightforwardly required in a test into the Trump organization's asserted ties with Russia, terminated the man who was driving the test.

In an offered to sterilize and tidy up the stench, equal fumigation firms have affirmed they should work all day and all night and have been real to life about the undertaking ahead.

"We can't be sure, however that office may never be the same again," bologna suction pump administrator Guillem Sanchez imparted to WWN before shouting "will require a greater suction pump" to a close-by partner.

Regardless of the impactful scent exuding from the Oval Office, President Trump tweeted just minutes back affirming that he couldn't notice anything.

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