He Will Be Here For Eight Years: Kellyane Makes Gutsy Prediction For Trump As She Says ‘Four Years Was Not Eenough’ For Clinton, Bush or Obama

key presidential advisor predicted Thursday that Donald Trump’s administration is planning on winning a second White House term in 2020.

Kellyanne Conway told a ‘Fox & Friends’ audience that she’s confident Trump will ‘be here for eight years.’

Trump’s approval ratings, as measured in six polls released in the past two days, range from 38 to 51 per cent.

Conway was responding to claims that the White House had sidelined her for much of he last week.

‘I don’t know why I would have to explain myself, but okay, I will,’ she said. ‘I spent the last several days with four kids looking at schools and homes in D.C.’

‘I think it’s a “build you up to tear you down” kind of town,’ Conway added. ‘And that’s alright. Look, I’m focused on why we are here. I’m focused on the president’s agenda, what he has entrusted all of us on his senior team to do for him and for this nation.’

‘We’re playing long ball here. He’ll be here for eight years. We recognize that – we recognize that there will be people who will be trying to throw crocodiles in our way.’

Conway predicted that the nation would continue its streak of re-electing three presidents in a row.

‘This country, for 24 consecutive years gave its presidents two terms. this country decided that with Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush, and President Obama four years is not enough for them to execute and deliver on their vision,’ she observed.

Conway said the White House offers her to high-profile TV shows on a regular basis. She appeared Wednesday night on the ‘Hannity’ program, which was taped on the site of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland.

She will be the event’s opening speaker Thursday morning.

Conway also explained her brief absence from television by saying that Trump ‘is his own best messenger.’

‘I have said for months that I wanted to reduce my TV exposure, my press portfolio,’ she said.

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