New Jersey School Says Islam is OK, But Christianity Isn’t

Our public school system is waging a war (sometimes reluctantly, under pressure from atheists) on Christianity, while at the same time welcoming Islam with open arms.

Does this make any sense?

Parents of students at Chatham Middle School in New Jersey didn’t think so, and took action after their children were given lessons that were effectively teaching them how to convert to Islam.

EAGNews reports:

Parents of students at Chatham Middle School are calling on the board of education to eliminate lessons on Islam from the 7th grade social studies curriculum they believe proselytizes the religion.

Several parents attended a board meeting Monday to take aim at materials distributed to students through a ‘World Cultures and Geography’ class they believe cross the line…

The parents emailed board members copies of the lessons they believe violate the district’s policy that ‘no religious beliefs be promoted or disparaged’ and handed copies to others in attendance at the meeting, as well.

“In the Middle East and North Africa unit of the class students are taught about the five pillars of Islam in great detail, there are two videos on it, a 20-page PowerPoint presentation, class work, homework, and testing,” parent Libby Hilsenrath told the board. “In this unit, there is no mention of any other religion or teaching of it.”

Hilsenrath went over many of the objectionable homework assignments with board members in detail, including lessons that require students to memorize and write the Islamic conversion prayer.

So, students are taught the Islamic call to prayer and the five pillars of Islam, but are forbidden to hold Christian prayers at the flagpole?

We need to take back our country, and fast.


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