Trump Just Brought A Coal Miner On TV & Suddenly Reporters EVERYWHERE Freaked OUT!

Trump signed legislation today to rescue coal miners from the coal industry AND liberals everywhere are freaking out. Then again when are liberals not freaking out. Sheesh.

To make the point, Trump brought several coal miners were brought in the room today. They were brought in for a special event. Trump has promised to rescue coal miners. That’s one of his campaign promises. Hillary on the other hand had promised to kill coal mining jobs.

Watch him save America.

The legislation will help protect coal miners from legislation that blocks American companies from mining.

This was so epic!

God bless Donald Trump. Look how he is SAVING America. He is making the Dems look like losers and is bringing jobs back to this country. That coal miner from West Virginia was so happy.

Get this news out there! Trump is doing everything he said he would do, y’all. The media won’t show you that though.

*** Please, please, please SHARE this video, y’all! America needs to see the happiness on this man’s face. God bless Donald Trump.

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