What Muslim Said About Sharia Law Will Shock Every Single American – This Is BAD

Muslim’s feel entitled. There is no doubt about that – they think they are the chosen people, that they will inherit the earth, that sharia law will conquer the decadent west.

This is fact for everyone except the liberal. Every religion believes in the supremacy of its views but none to the extant Islam does – which orders its followers to impose sharia law any way necessary.

Lying, warfare, murder, jihad – all is allowed if your goal is to impose sharia. Basically, Islam allows any behavior as long as it is in the name of spreading sharia. Pretty handy, morally bankrupt philosophy that allows men to subjugate women and do other horrible things in the name of sharia.

It’s is an immoral philosophy, completely hypocritical and when looked at it under this, the correct lens resembles scientology more than a religion.

The Muslim community confirmed American’s worst fears about the spread of sharia recently in Jersey City.

The Muslims wanted the schools in the area to close for a religious Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha. They were denied on the basis if we celebrate one religions holiday we have to celebrate them all. We have public American holidays not religious holidays. We believe in separation of church and state. And we believe that if you want to celebrate a religious holiday you are free to go to a religious school that does.

There is no law stopping Catholics schools from taking a day off on good Friday. But public schools it is just too hard to accommodate every religion.

Freedom of choice – that’s what separates America from the rest of the world. And every liberal who thinks Islam is a religion of peace and Muslim’s do not want to spread sharia here need to watch the below video.

As the Muslim’s protest the Jersey City decision to keep America, America one woman says in the most chilling, condescending voice I have ever heard, “We’re no longer the minority, we’re gonna be the majority soon.”

Liberals may want this to happen but they forget they will be the first to go under sharia law. This is a serious serious issue. This group of immigrants does not want to assimilate.

Assimilation is what makes this country great. And the rule of American law, not sharia law.

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