BREAKING: Marines At Andrews Just Gave Obama Exactly What He Deserves

Obama landed at Joint Base Andrews this morning for a meeting with the intelligence community to see if he could aid them in throwing President Trump under the bus. When he got off the Osprey his wife bought with taxpayer money, he was greeted by four United States Marines. two were at the bottom of the plane’s stairs and the other two were guarding the limo the taxpayers paid for to drive him around when he’s in Washington.

Something was different today, however, and Obama is furious. Even though he’s only ever been recorded saluting Marines 3 times, he expects them to salute him “out of respect.” Today none of the four Marines saluted this civilian who is no longer their Commander-In-Chief. Obama looked surprised as he decided to salute the Marines near the limo but got no response. Master Sargeant Louis DeKlamanecker told Breitbart:

“We’re not required to salute civilians. President Obama may hold his title for life but that doesn’t mean we have to acknowledge him on a military level. We salute the rank, not the man. He has no rank.”

Obama has come under fire for years for being the first President since John Quincy Adams to think saluting the soldiers who protect him is somehow unnecessary. By military law, he can be reprimanded and even court marshaled, except he’s technically not in the military. Regardless of all of the nuances and the fact that as civilians presidents aren’t actually supposed to salute anyone, it’s especially disturbing for this president because you just know he thinks they wouldn’t do it because he’s black.

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That’s called race-bating, Obama. Nice try, but it won’t work this time.

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