Today is the day our cutest member of the First Family turns 11. That’s right! It’s Barron’s birthday and mom -Melania Trump together with dad- President Donald Trump got something wonderful for the young man’s special day!

The concrete thing they bought him remains a secret, but something has been made very public! We are sure that as shown before, today they shower the young lad with lots of love and attention.

Their extensive family is probably going to be seated together in the White House in a hectic, loud, but loving atmosphere tonight while enjoying Barron’s birthday dinner!

Imagine them, all classy, but warm, hugging Barron and giving him many presents! Perfection!


In honor of his 11th birthday, here are Barron Trump’s ten cutest moments:

• Exhausted of all that was happening at the time of his father’s inauguration, a camera caught him clapping all tired and sleepy.such a cutie pie.

• The exact day, during the time his father was putting his signature on some executive orders, Barron, the most loving uncle was enthusiastically playing with his nephew baby Theodore. He was doing a repetitive peek-a-boo and was showing him how to do a “high-five”

• Picture being 3 a.m. and Donald Trump giving a speech. Barron staying awake with his last force.

• Back in 2014, Melania posted a video of him and his father seated in the front seats joyfully interpreting Taylor Swift’s hit

• He was beyond the point of being bored, he attempted to make time go faster, so he began tidying the couch

• As the habitat of every kid is, Barron refused to hold his mother’s hand in public. This occurred at the time of the inaugural walk

• At one point, while he was seated alongside his father, Barron waved back at his fans. Minutes following that the crowd began chanting “Barron”

• You surely recall the “High-five sike” with his mom Melania Trump

• Again, camera caught him seated next to his dad, telling him “Dad, dad, they are coming…”

And many, many more….

Wish Barron a happy birthday in the comment section! GOD BLESS HIM!

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