Ivanka Trump Sexually ATACKED By Major Celebrity, What He Did To Her Will Make You SICK!

Ever since Donald Trump was elected as President, liberals have brutally attacked his family without mercy. In the past, this kind of attacks to the First Family were very rare, but now, major celebrity liberals are using every opportunity to publicly attack President Trump and his family. Today, one celebrity has gone as far as to sexually harass Ivanka Trump, but yet no one is reporting it!

George Lopez decided to sexually harass our First Daughter on Social Media. He did the unthinkable! Lopez posted a video of two dogs mating, so one of his fans tagged him and asked when they were going to pimp Ivanka.

“She’s ready,” responded Lopez.

The fan then wrote back, “Ok then let’s get her maybe she should spend some time in Mexico,” to which Lopez responded, “That would hurt her brand.”

I guess Lopez used to be funny in the past, but it seems like that time has come and gone.

Here’s a photo of the actual situation.

This is sadly becoming a trend among the liberal celebrities… I’m speechless.

Fortunately, the people called Lopez out on his NASTY behavior, but the post is still online.

Per Freedom Daily, one person wrote, “Wow this isn’t even funny it’s so disrespectful to her. This is bullying. It’s weird how comfortable these celebrities feel doing stuff like this. Wasn’t he moving to Mexico or Canada or something? I use to like his show but seeing how nasty he is I’m really disliking after the last few times he’s been in the shade room.”

Another person said, “All these derogatory messages aimed at her is disgusting!! So not cool, even if they are a family of frauds!!”

This is not the first time either that Lopez has gone too far with his “jokes”. Just last month he found himself in hot water when he referred to a Black female audience member as a “bitch.”

I just can’t stand any of these entitled celebrities who are publicly attacking the first family. They MUST STOP NOW, or face charges! Imagine if such a situation happened to Obama’s family…

Please folks, Ivanka Trump needs our support!

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