John McCain Insults Trump Again, IT GOES TOO FAR – SHOULD HE BE INDICTED?

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) is purposely keeping the Russian wiretapping story alive, while ignoring Russia’s connections with former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton because, “McCain has it in for the President.”

McCain is operating under a huge double standard that goes against all of his conservative values and is willing to insult president Trump, but ignore the horrible wrongdoings of the people he supports. He has been in the news long enough and it is time for him to go. Republicans are tired of seeing this once respectable man turn into a bitter, fight-picking whiner.

He has done nothing but insult President Trump since he took office in January, making up claim after claim trying to make Trump look bad. But here is the funny thing; these claims are totally backfiring in McCain’s face. It is making him look like a complete and utter fool every time he opens his aging mouth.

Salcedo, on is radio show, challenged Senator McCain to “put up or shut up” with evidence regarding the Russian allegations.

“John McCain is doing everything he can possibly do to keep this whole alleged Russian story alive, because he’s got it in for the president,” Salcedo says.

We are all tired of hearing this so called ‘conservative’ bad mouth our president. If he doesn’t have anything positive or instructive to say then maybe he should leave Congress for good. It seems pretty obvious that a Congress without this man and a better place to be. We cannot continue to let this man make a fool of himself. He needs to get over his lose with President Trump as he is not going away.

How many of you want John McCain to leave Congress for good? Please share this story if you are tired of hearing about McCain and his whiny attitude!

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