VIDEO: New York Thug Starts Mouthing Off to Arizona Man, Worst Mistake EVER

A New York City-area thug is licking his wounds, both literal and figurative, from getting beaten down by an Arizona man after instigating a fight.

A video of the brutal beat-down worked its way onto YouTube (as so many seem to do) which has led to the hooligan joining the pantheon of people who have become famous in all the wrong ways, like Star Wars Kid and Tay Zonday.

The expletive filled video (fair warning for those of you on work computers or with sensitive ears) begins, as so many of these do, in mid-confrontation. The hooligan is harassing the two men, grabbing his crotch and, um, inviting their services in a carnal manner. Meanwhile, the men tell the mouthy young punk to “f*** off.”

Off the ruffian did not f***, instead continuing to invite the two men to fight him. “I’m by myself, n****! I’m dope, n****!” he exclaims, underscoring his self-appraisal of his fighting skills.

The man then walks toward the camera, saying, “Record that! I’m out here, I’m from New York and I’m out here and I’m by myself! F*** these n****s, man!” (Note: the two men in question are about as white as the Parthenon. Not only is he bad at fighting, he’s also terrible at racial slurs.)

After another brief exchange of bons mot, the hooligan takes a swipe at one of the men. Within a few seconds, two things become apparent: 1) his self-appraisal of his fighting skills was significantly inflated and 2) he couldn’t even take on one of the other men. (H/T Mad World News)

Long story short, a brief match ends in the young man being splayed on the ground, defenseless, being pummeled by one of the men he had been taunting.

All this teaches us a couple of important lessons. First, be careful whom you mouth off to. Second, be careful whom you punch. This guy wasn’t, and he’s going to be woozy for quite a while because of it.

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