WATCH: Tomi Lahren Goes OFF, Exposes What the Media is HIDING in Viral Video

How can the mainstream media expect us to trust them when they keep doing stuff like this?

Those who work in the mainstream media pretend they are credible journalists when, in reality, they are far leftists with a political agenda. Tomi Lahren says they are intentionally hiding Trump’s success, “They have gone out of their way to sink an administration before it has even had a chance to get to work. And yet, President Trump has still done more for this country in the last 40 days than Barack Obama did in 8 years.”

The “journalists” would willingly sabotage their own country before they admit they were wrong about President Trump. The media’s biggest fear is that Trump will be successful and will prove they are all liars.

In the startling report, Lahren details exactly why we should not trust the mainstream media. The anchors cried on TV as they watched Hillary Clinton get destroyed by Trump on election day. Yet they reappear the next morning, expecting you to trust that they are unbiased arbitrators of truth.

The Obama administration KNEW how broken the press was, and they took advantage of their ignorance. Obama’s Nation Security Advisor Ben Rhodes bragged that “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns… They literally know nothing.” (via Washington Post)

The press spent eight years kissing the feet of Obama, and they forgot how to do their job in the process. The Obama Administration fed lie after lie to these so-called journalists, and the press ate it up. Now it appears that the media cannot tell fiction from reality anymore.

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The media have proven themselves to be actors for the Democrat party. Yet they whine and wail when they are accused of being biased by President Trump. Do they honestly expect sympathy? If you don’t want to be called a liar, don’t lie!

The mainstream media has poisoned the well of information in this country, which is extremely dangerous. A fair and free press is a cornerstone of the US republic, but the actions of the press to date have rendered them impossible to trust. It is clear that Trump desires an honest press corporations.

President Trump will try to make the press great again, and one of the best ways to do that is give alternative media a chance to cover Washington and hold the mainstream to task. It is just one of Obama’s messes that Trump needs to clean up after the former president’s disastrous term in office.

America depends on a fair and free press. I have faith that Trump will revive the press to its former glory, even if he has to essentially destroy the mainstream media to do it.

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