BREAKING: A New Scandal Is About To Cost The Obamas Everything

The Justice Department is reporting that they have enough evidence of tax evasion to not only take everything the Obamas own but to also garnish the money they’re making from their new book deals. The scandal, which is tied to illegal royalties Michelle was paid by the friend from college she hired to design the Obamacare website, is said to have netted the former first family nearly a billion dollars.

A spokesman from Jeff Sessions’ office told Fox News:

“We knew when we heard about the Obamacare scam that there would be issues. When we saw that it was worth over $900 million, we were thrown back a little. Hopefully they won’t get away with it.”

Hopefully? If they get away with a billion dollars in taxpayer money they shoud be taken to Gitmo forever.

President Trump has vowed to see that the Obamas lose their assets, their library and their book deal money as well as their credibility. He wants to make sure that nobody named Obama ever holds public office again.


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