BREAKING: Federal Judge Issues Massive Hillary Clinton Search Warrant – IT’S HAPPENING !!!

Yesterday, a federal judge dropped a huge bombshell when he demanded that the government must show him the search warrant that was used to gain access to Hillary’s emails.

Daily Mail reported that Judge P. Kevin Castel asked a lawyer for the government to turn over any pertinent emails by Thursday evening, so that he can look over them and decide if they should be made public. He also warned the government to think about what redactions are necessary if he decides to publicly disclose portions of the documents.

This came after E. Randol Schoenberg, a Los Angeles-based lawyer who specializes in recovering works of art stolen by the Nazis, filed a lawsuit in the hopes of obtaining any search warrant and related papers used by the FBI to obtain the emails from a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin.

A Freedom of Information request had also been filed previously for these documents.

Justice Department lawyer Jennie Kneedler told Castel that the government opposes Schoenberg’s request, arguing that he had not demonstrated that a need for secrecy that existed before was no longer relevant. She added that the government seeks to show why the unrelated ongoing criminal investigation is relevant to whether the public has a right to access any search warrant application materials related to Clinton.

“There are things we would like to make your honor aware of,” Kneedler said.

Castel responded that the case is different, partly because of FBI Director James Comey’s announcement one week before the election that his bureau had learned about the emails and that they appeared relevant to its previous investigation of Clinton’s personal email server. Two days before the election, Comey updated this statement by saying that the new emails didn’t changed the conclusion the FBI came to in their original investigation.

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Judge Castel rejected a request by the government to delay submission of these materials by a day, saying he wants to rule quickly.

Schoenberg’s lawsuit called the Clinton-related search warrants he is looking for “of the utmost public importance.”

“Transparency and accountability are most important in cases such as this one, where the investigation in question is heavily politicized, dominated and continues to dominate national media and the national sphere of conversation, and may have significantly influenced the outcome of the election,” his suit stated.

(H/T) Truth Monitor

Well, it turns out that we might actually see the files and warrants used in the Anthony Weiner’s email case. My opinion is that we will finally see the evidence that will put an end to Hillary Clinton.

Finally, someone gathered courage and filed a search warrant against Hillary Clinton. Maybe this will finally put her in jail.

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