BREAKING: Gowdy Investigation Uncovers Private Communications Between Obama and Putin

The raid on the office of a junior congressman this morning turned up exactly the evidence Trey Gowdy was looking for. Originally thought to be connected to Benghazi, the warrant served on Rep. Stillwater in the early hours ultimately had nothing to do with him, Hillary Clinton or Benghazi.

The evidence Gowdy was searching for was actually in an old cage on the terrace that the congressman before Stillwater, Rep Keith McManimus (D-ME) used to use for — of all things — carrier pigeons. After sifting through a bunch of dropped notes as well as some that were turned over by a McManimus aide, Gowdy was able to put together a line of communication nobody would have thought possible.

The pigeons would carry messages from Obama to the Russian Embassy, where they would be hand delivered to Moscow, placed on a separate bird and flown to an obscure office inside the Kremlin. It was genius, really. Had the aide not connected the dots, the communications would have looked like innocuous notes between two small players who were just sharing a hobby and nobody would have thought twice about it.

Gowdy now has the massive task at hand of gathering evidence, depositions and as many of the messages as possible from two sides of the world in the face of immense resistance. God bless you, Mr. Gowdy. You’re the only one we can trust.

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