BREAKING: Neil Gorsuch’s First Act As Supreme Court Justice Is EXACTLY Why Trump Nominated Him

It took newly sworn-in Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch less than an hour to change the course of American history and start us back down the path toward being the Christian nation we were founded to be. Without hesitation, Justice Gorsuch had his first duly appointed clerk send notice to a family in Pennsylvania that the Supreme Court would hear their 13th district appeal of the Roe v Wade decision.

All conservative courts since Roe v Wade was originally ruled on have stayed away from re-visiting the ruling because they were certain that even if overturned, a liberal court was inevitable and would simply return the right to murder to the states. Justice Gorsuch, in allowing the case to go forward, is showing that he believes the ruling can be overturned and that the next justice appointed will be another from President Trump.

Gorsuch’s clerk said in a statement:

The decision to hear Roe was an easy one for Justice Gorsuch, who doesn’t believe in playing politics with issues like this. Millions of children’s lives are at risk. The case out of Pennsylvania had an initial ruling that abortion should be outlawed at 6 weeks rather than 22, the age that the heartbeat can first be detected. The higher court reversed the decision, citing Roe. The Supreme Court will now hear the case sometime in early 2018. Hopefully at least one of the other liberals on the court has retired or passed by then.

Justice Gorsuch promised that he would uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. For over 40 years the rights of the unborn have been ignored. He’s made it clear that while religion has no place in government, murder has no place in God’s America.

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We can now look forward to the case being heard by a court with another unbiased judge like Antonin Scalia who won’t allow his personal feelings to get in the way. This is about the law of the land and interpreting it as our Christian founders would have.

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