BREAKING: Pregnant Obama Mistress Revealed! (PICTURE IS HERE)

The identity of former president Barack Obama’s pregnant mistress has been revealed. Her name is Cassidy McLean from Montbleau, Colorado. Obama met her while on a ski trip to Aspen without his family in 2014. He hired her to be a receptionist in the West Wing and now, two years later, she is expecting his child:

McLean, who insists that Obama will be leaving Michelle to start a family with her, is 24-years-old and has a high school diploma. She was hardly qualified to work in the federal government, especially at the level of West Wing staffer. She told a reporter for a local paper that she was in the loop on many national security issues.

A woman without clearance being exploited in the Oval Office by a president who hates America and his wife? Sounds like the Clintons all over again.

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