BREAKING: President Trump Declares War – YOU MUST READ THIS !!!

President Trump has had enough of being pushed around by foreign despots, dictators and fascists. More than that, though, he’s tired of being pushed around by Republicans on the Hill who refuse to get on board with the direction he’s taking the party.

Jeff Derpinger, Director of the White House Office of Information and Propaganda, released a statement just minutes ago stating in no uncertain terms that President Trump will no longer consider any politician from any party who willfully works against him anything other than the enemy. He has, essentially, declared war:

“President Trump won’t be working with Republicans who refuse to get on board with his program. We will build a wall. We will replace Obamacare and we wuill deport every single illegal and stop every Muslim refugee. The time for our president to be Mr. Nice guy is over.”

That means the careers of RINOs like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and John McCain are over. They have no idea who they’ve been messing with. Donald Trump is the most powerful man to ever hold the most powerful office in the world. The time of reckoning is now.

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