BREAKING: President Trump FURIOUS When He Finds Out The Perk Obama Got For His Daughters FOR LIFE

The first thing President Trump wanted accounted for was every dollar spent by the Obamas for personal expenses that should have never been billed to the taxpayer. While searching through White House records, Trump’s internal accounting team came across a contract between Verizon Wireless and the federal government.

The contract isn’t for official White House business. It doesn’t benefit the people in any way. It’s an agreement for a one-time payment of $1.2 million for a government contract to supply Malia and Sasha Obama with free iPhones for life along with unlimited talk, text and data. While your kids were out mowing lawns and working at McDonalds to learn responsibility, Obama was teaching his kids to cheat and take from the system.

Trump’s Twitter handler and information disseminator, Jeff, told USA Today:

“For Obama to give his own kids Obamaphones shows that he truly believes they are entitled to reparations for slavery. It seems nobody told them that slaves fought for the North during the Civil War, negating any and all claims by the black community for the unfair treatment their ancestors endured for hundreds of years.”

We knew Obama was all for giving free stuff to poor people just because they’re lazy but we had no idea he was willing to make his own kids lazy just to get free stuff.

The Obama girls flash gang signs on their free iPhones.

When asked for a copy of the contract, Jeff told CNN that they were fake news and didn’t deserve one. When Fox asked, Jeff said they were still trying to determine if the document was genuine or if it was being misread, as some experts believe it was actually an order for Gummi Bears for a Valentine’s party that Michelle Obama paid for with her Discover Card.

Jeff told Fox to go ahead and tell people whatever they want, since nobody that watches their network cares about facts anyway.

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