In a desperate plea to win an election she knew she would lose, Hillary Clinton gave passwords to DNC and John Podesta email accounts to Russian hackers in an attempt to make it look like Trump did it. With polls showing her ahead in every way and almost every political pundit all but guaranteeing her victory, Clinton reportedly knew there was something wrong in Michigan and Wisconsin and that it was too late to fix it.

In a document dump from Wikileaks that the mainstream media refuses to show you, Clinton herself sent emails to the Russian mafia arm Bravda, guaranteeing them millions in Clinton foundation funds if they hacked the servers and put the blame on Donald Trump. To make it easier she gave them the passwords.

This story is still developing but as of yet not a single mainstream media outlet is reporting it, including Fox News. A reporter for Breitbart confirmed that the story is under investigation but until they get confirmation nobody wants to be labeled “fake news.”

Well, these WikiLeaks dumps have ALWAYS turned out to be authentic, so we have no problem being labeled “fake news” if it gets the truth out sooner. Share this so everyone else starts getting the word out and help stop the madness of the United States government investigating Russians for hacking our computers when clearly they should be investigating Hillary Clinton for treason — and Benghazi — instead.

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