BREAKING: The Supreme Court Just Declared Obamacare Unconstitutional!

The Supreme Court, in an emergency session to determine the fate of Obamacare called by President-elect Trump, decided in a 4-4 tie that the Affordable Care Act doesn’t conform to House of Representatives budgetary guidelines and is therefore unlawful. Ruth Bader Ginsberg said:

“The House of Representatives has to be the beginning of all legislation and budget decisions. Therefore, Obamacare has been unlawful since inception.”

Being a liberal, she still voted in favor of the law, but it wasn’t enough to save it. When the final vote came in it was a tie, leaving procedural rules to decide the outcome. After several hours of counting words, collecting signatures and 11 different coin tosses, Obamacare and all of its doctors and death panels were tossed on the scrap heap.

Because pre-existing conditions will now be illegal and subsidies are a thing of the past, Trump announced that health care will no longer be a government concern at all. If insurance companies raise prices, competition and the free market will bring them back down. Medicaid, which is now government run, will be handed to private agencies in each state and enrollment will be first come first serve.

Those who end up without insurance should get better jobs or a better education so they can increase their value to the employment market. Trump told Fox News:

“Insurance shouldn’t be the government’s problem. If lazy people can’t afford it that’s their problem. People who work will live longer. Period.”

The House of Representatives is currently working up similar packages that will kill Medicare and Social Security as “entitlements” and instead give the free market the ability to earn more than the Trust Fund does. Most retirees will receive a coupon book for doctor visits and prescriptions and a packet for deciding how to invest their Social Security money.

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This is all great news for those of us who are tired of watching these poor and old people screw us out of our hard-earned money and good doctors just because they made poor life choices. God Bless you, Mr. Trump. God. Bless. You.

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