BREAKING: Trump Just Sent A Letter To Obama With An Ultimatum He Won’t Like

It’s no secret that Barack Obama has been running a shadow government out of his Tracy Place mansion since his exit from the Oval Office. Almost every Democrat, as well as a dozen or so influential Republicans, have been confirmed by independent sources to be involved. Two members of Trump’s own cabinet, Dr. Ben Carson and former Governor Rick Scott have both been identified as traitors.

This morning, Trump has officially had enough. A source inside the Deep State confirms that a hand-written letter was delivered by courier from President Trump himself to Obama with an ultimatum to cease and desist — or else.

The source, who may or may not work for Trump at the White House, told a third party to preserve anonymity that things are about to heat up if Obama and his band of usurpers don’t shut down their interference into the lawful American legislative process:

“Obama was told in no uncertain terms that he will be dragged from his home kicking and screaming as an enemy combatant and a traitor and brought before a military tribunal for attempting to create a coup to remove a sitting president through unlawful activities. What they’re doing isn’t simple lobbying. They are blackmailing lawmakers and threatening their families. Obama was given one chance to step back and allow Trump to govern before his door gets kicked in.”

The mainstream media is ignoring the Deep State because they get much better ratings by blaming everything wrong with our country on President Trump. That will eventually blow up in their faces. The truth will eventually come out and the traitors will be sent to jail, or better yet — Gitmo.

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