BREAKING: Trump Just Signed The Welfare Law We’ve All Been Waiting For

President Trump just signed an executive order that will eliminate millions of deadbeats, drug addicts and scam artists from the welfare roles. No longer will an able-bodied person get free food, liquor, cigarettes, cash and lottery tickets off of the working man’s dime. It has been estimated that for every tax dollar you pay, 91 cents goes to providing free stuff for poor people just so they’ll keep voting Democrat.

No more. EO 125gh2098i265mmn3 reads:

Whereas a person has no physical disability preventing him or her from working, said person and their family will no longer be eligible for free food, cash asistance, section 8 housing or Obamaphones. While the president appreciates that work has been hard for some to obtain, there are jobs, i.e. the 1100 new jobs at Carrier in Indiana.

Americans are reminded that hard work is rewarded and that work equals freedom. Those unable to care for themselves will be deported to their native lands or placed in work camp programs where they can aid their fellow citizens in rebuilding our infrastructure in exchange for food and shelter.

This is not a communist society. Hard work is required.

It’s about time he laid down the law. What a great motto. “Work equals freedom.” Very inspiring, President Trump, we’re with you 100 percent.

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