BREAKING: Trump Makes Huge Announcement After Meeting Condi Rice In White House


President Trump makes good deals. He is not afraid to talk truth to power nor is he afraid to ruffle some feathers to get the job done.

But, like all master deal makers, he knows the limits and he knows how to mend hurt feelings that can result from the heat of the battle.

During the primaries, Condi Rice was not always a supporter of President Trump. When he screwed up or she let him have it.

The liberals will have you believe the republicans never called out Trump when he made a mistake. That, and Condi Rice is a perfect example, is not true.

So while it shocked many on the left, those in the know were not surprised when Condi Rice went to the White House for a quick meeting with President Trump.

This is a good move Rice is an experienced foreign policy expert with vast White House experience. What could be invaluable is she is one of the foremost experts on Russia on the planet.

With Russia re-emerging as a potential player on the world stage it is wise to seek counsel with steady leaders like Rice.

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