BREAKING: White House Staff Discovers A Sick Obama Secret

President Trump’s staff is still working hard on the difficult task of settling into their new offices. The West Wing, which looks small and easy to navigate on TV, is actually a huge multiplex of offices and conference rooms. While setting up the Office of Social Media Operations on the second floor, Twitter director Jeff came across a startling revelation.

A locked office that has been traced back to Barack Obama himself was filled with pagan symbols, incense, and a small closet that housed Egyptian cotton head coverings and Muslim prayer rugs. It seems that before they left, the Muslim Brotherhood and their fearless leader, whose own code had to be authorized to enter, forgot to clean out their secret stash of radical Islam.

The Trump team is now looking into whether any terrorist activities were planned and executed from inside the walls of the very house Americans they target built for their president. Just the existence of the room is a violation of executive code 42, forbidding the practice of religious beliefs deemed harmful to the United States inside a government building.

Obama was not available for comment, as he was once again on a taxpayer-funded vacation with his $4 million pension golfing in Monaco. A statement from the White House Office of Information and Propaganda says that if there is even a shred of evidence of terrorist activity that Barack Obama will face charges of high treason, punishable by death.

As a precaution, Trump had his passport and diplomatic immunity revoked to keep him from crossing any more borders. He has no choice now but to either fly home directly from Monaco or run away with the circus.

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