Gutfeld Wipes The Floor With Celeb Lib Moron Robert Redford For Crazy Thing He Said, Ouch [Video]

y this point, Hollywood liberal celebrities have become little more than a running joke for the way they keep trying to smear President Donald Trump every time they’re on stage or have the cameras pointed at them.

The current political environment has given a bunch of entertainment has-beens the opportunity to become relevant again and get the media attention they desperately crave. Faded A-lister Robert Redford is no exception, and he recently tried to trash Trump by riling up liberals in a fake news column. Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld destroyed Redford for what he said.

Wrote Redford in the Washington Post, clearly pretending to be the character he played in the movie All the President’s Men, “When President Trump speaks of being in a ‘running war’ with the media, calls them ‘among the most dishonest human beings on Earth’ and tweets that they’re the ‘enemy of the American people,’ his language takes the Nixon administration’s false accusations of ‘shoddy’ and ‘shabby’ journalism to new and dangerous heights.”

Commented Gutfeld, “Now Redford calls for brave journalism in order to restrain the power-hungry,” he said. “How odd that this is only when his side is out of power? But like a child’s diaper, Redford is full of it.” Ouch! He continued, talking about how media types keep smearing Trump, “He’s made them great again because they hate him so much. I mean, what would Redford be doing, or the media-entertainment cabal be doing, in general, if Hillary were president? Nothing. Or rather nothing on her. They’d have to return to bashing cops and labeling everyone racist.”

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Greg added, “So, Robert can warn the world that the press is in danger, but Trump proves him wrong by the endless media frenzy his election has caused. And by comparison, Trump exposes what shameless shills they were for so long under Obama, coveting, not covering a president. Maybe Redford can make a movie about that — call it Love Story.” Do you agree?

Watch below:


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