JUST IN: LOOK Who Ben Carson Just HIRED !!!

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne will be starting at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to work for Secretary Ben Carson. This is a great hire for Mr. Carson. She has been doing stuff like this for many years and she will be a great addition to his staff.

Van Duyne said at a lunch Thursday that she will be joining the Trump administration, but did not say which department she would be joining. She is going to make an official announcement next week after completing the necessary paperwork.

Van Duyne declined to make any comment about her hiring as of right now.

She will be bringing her experience as a two-term mayor to the HUD, and Carson, who had no political experience, will be happy to have her on his staff.

Van Duyne said back in February that she will not be looking at a third term as mayor of the prominent Texas city, which brought on speculation that she would be searching for a position in the Trump administration.

A HUD spokesperson declined to comment, as it is against government policies to comment on non-employees.

Regardless of what exactly she will be doing as a member of the HUD, she will be gaining great experience and will bring a lot of experience on her own. She has years and years of political experience and will be a great addition to his staff.

Ben Carson was nominated by President Trump to head the HUD. This came with significant criticism from liberals around the country as they complained he had no previous experience. It looks like they are starting to eat their words however, as he has done a fantastic job so far. He will continue on doing a great job for the HUD.

Are you guys excited to see this exciting new hire?

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