BREAKING: Ellen DeGeneres SLAMS President Donald Trump On LIVE TV !!!

In an interview done with NBC’s Matt Lauer on Friday, the famous talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres heavily criticized President Trump. She told Lauer that she is not interested at all on bringing President Trump on her show because, as Ellen put it, “he’s against everything that I stand for.”

Fox News reported that while Ellen DeGeneres hosted numerous famous political figures, such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, said that she is not interested in calling President Trump on her show.

However, she did spoke on how she met President Trump. She also said that this was a long time ago.

Here is what she stated about their first meeting.

“I don’t know him,” she said before adding, “I mean I know him from ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ because when we first started this show, I think Season 1 or 2, we went out there and we filmed something with him and so I flew in his helicopter and did a bit with him. So I knew him then [but] I have not spoken to him since he’s run for president or become president.”

Bad move Ellen. My opinion is that having President Trump on your show, will do wonders for your viewership. Then again, you hosted people like Hillary Clinton on your show, so even if by any chance you DO invite President Trump, I doubt that he will come.


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