BREAKING: Hostage Situation At The Capitol Ends In Bloody Violence

A Democrat aide to Congressman Kevin Lyman who didn’t want to testify in front of Trey Gowdy’s newly formed committee to investigate Jade Helm 15 was taken from the Capitol building this morning on a stretcher after a standoff with police that ended in violence. The man, clearly more concerned with what Gowdy would learn that the jail time he will serve for his offenses, was set to testify about the operation in 2015 that would have taken control of much of the south had it not been for observant conservatives.

Gowdy wasn’t involved in the incident this morning that happened in a small staff office the man refused to leave. He wanted to speak to his attorney, who hadn’t yet arrived and snapped when he saw two armed Capitol police officers, thinking they were coming for him. He took two secretaries hostage at that point with a letter opener, threatening that he had a bomb.

After a 40-minute standoff, police determined there was no bomb and that the man was more of a danger to himself, so he was restrained by force, causing lacerations on his head and left arm.

Paramedics took him to Walter Reid to get stitched up and for a psych evaluation.

The staffer’s name is being held for his own safety.

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