BREAKING: Two Democrat Congressmen Missing After Meeting With Trey Gowdy

Two congressmen who had strong ties to Hillary Clinton but threw their support behind Bernie Sanders in last year’s primaries are missing today after meeting with trey Gowdy over the weekend. Rep Peter Muldoon (D-VA) and Rep Anthony Melink (D-VT) were both reported missing from their homes in Washington by their families this morning.

Neither of the men has a record of disappearances, infidelity or any other nefarious activities. The only thing they seem to have in common is that they met with Gowdy, presumably to discuss their past connections to Clinton. Both supported her in 2008 and both covered for her in 2012 when Benghazi happened.

Clinton and her aides refuse to comment but they did note that the former presidential candidate was at the family estate in upstate New York all weekend and had nothing to do with anyone disappearing. Gowdy has pledged to find the men and return them safely to their families. He told Fox News:

“This isn’t the first time a ‘coincidence’ like this has happened. It’s getting to the point where anyone who meets with my committee to tell the truth will need witness protection so they don’t fall in front of a moving busa or something. This is very disheartening. Whoever is manipulating the system in this way is a monster.”

Gowdy has asked President Trump to grant him special powers to report on to him and his advisors until the issue is resolved. No word yet on Trump’s response.

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