OFFICIAL: CNN’s Press Pass Was Just Denied !!!

CNN requested a press pass for the Highly Publicized DeploraBall, but they have been expressly denied by the staff.

Serves them right… that’s what you get for writing against our President.

Here are the details and the letter that was sent in reply to CNN:

Dear CNN:

We’re hosting the Deploraball at the Press Club because we support quality journalism. We sincerely want to rebuild trust with the media. Unfortunately, we feel your coverage during the election was biased to the point of being irresponsible. We question your integrity as an institution of journalism. Therefore, we will NOT be issuing you press passes.

Please note that this is not a partisan issue. We have issued passes to journalists from the New Yorker, New York Magazine, FOX, and others. We simply want to be covered fairly and have no confidence that you would do so.

Here is the tweet too:

DAAAMN!!! CNN got owned!

Well, as I’ve said before, serves them right.

Even if Trump wasn’t their favorite candidate, they shouldn’t have posted and published articles that discredited him.

After all, he is the next President of America. You MUST show some respect!

Let’s all share this article and spread the news everywhere. America deserves to know this!

Thank you for reading.

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